Entropion and Ectropion

Do you notice that your eyelids are turning in or out? Our dedicated eye care professionals at The Medical Eye Center are here to help improve your eyelid malposition.

What is Eyelid Malposition?

Eyelid malposition is a category of eye conditions that are characterized by eyelids that are not properly functioning. Often, they are not adequately functioning because they are either turned in or turned out. 

In order for the surface of our eyes to be healthy and moisturized, proper eyelid functioning is essential. Your eyelids are responsible for coating your cornea with nutrients critical for moisturization, protecting your eyes from the elements, and allowing your eyes to close when you blink. 

If your eyelids are turned in or turned out, they cannot perform their essential duties. 


Entropion is an eye condition in which your eyelids turn towards your eye. This can happen on the lower lids, upper lids, or both.

It can also occur in one eye or both eyes. Common symptoms of entropion are eye irritation, redness, and a feeling like there is constantly something in your eyes.

If you have entropion, you may be able to manually move your eyelid to be in the correct position. However, this eye condition will cause the eyelid to turn back in eventually, whether it be a matter of seconds or minutes. 


Ectropion is an eye condition in which your eyelids turn out. Ectropion can happen on both the upper and lower eyelids however it is more common on the lower eyelids.

In severe cases of the condition, the lower eyelids can separate from the eye and look as if it is sagging away from their natural position. Ectropion can cause the entire eyelid to turn out or just part of the eyelid. 

Those who have ectropion usually have it on both eyes, but the condition may be worse on one eye compared to the other.

What Are The Symptoms Associated with Ectropion and Entropion?

Symptoms may vary between each case of ectropion or entropion. However, the symptoms are often similar. 

Some of the most common symptoms of eyelid malposition are:

  • Tearing
  • The sensation of something being stuck inside the eye
  • Eye redness 
  • Crusting around the eyelid
  • Burning of the eyes
  • Dryness of the eye

What Treatments Are There For Ectropion and Entropion

The primary method for the treatment of eyelid malposition is surgery. If you notice any of the above symptoms or your eyelids appear to be turned in or out, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

At this appointment, your eye doctor will evaluate your eyes to determine if surgery is needed. Ectropion and entropion repair surgeries are outpatient procedures, meaning you go home the same day.

You will notice results from your surgery fairly quickly, and your eyes will begin to feel better in days. Recovery from eyelid malposition repair surgery is also reasonably quick, and not a lot of downtime is required.

Are you concerned that your eyelids are turning in or out? Schedule an appointment at The Medical Eye Center in Manchester, Nashua, and Bedford, NH, today!

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