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Having recent cataract surgery in both eyes I would like to thank all who cared for me, at various locations of The Medical Eye Center, especially Dr. Xu. All were kind, skilled, and efficient with my time and energy. The results are amazing – the best vision of my life. All in all a very pleasant and very rewarding experience. I wholeheartedly recommend The Medical Eye Center to all who need eye surgery.

P.S. In my opinion, Dr. Sarah Xu is exceedingly competent, kind to the extreme and thus open to any help she might need from the holy spirit. This is important to me.

James R. Jensen (11/20/2023)

I was referred to Dr. Elia by Dr. Williams of Manchester-Bedford Eye Associates.  I had originally been told by Dr. Elia that I had bleeding in my eyes due to type 2 Diabetes. I was very scared not knowing what to expect.

Dr. Elia explained exactly why it was happening and about the floaters I was seeing in my eyes. This was blood vessels bleeding out into the eyes, He told me that laser treatment would help my eyes which I hoped it would.  I was so scared I was jumping out of my skin.  The chairside manner of Dr. Elia and his very capable assistant Ashlyn calmed me down quite quickly.  During my first laser treatment Ashlyn just lightly laid her hand on my shoulder (this was prior to COVID) and my horrible anxiety just melted away.  She almost made me feel like I was in a trance, It was like she was transferring a positive energy from her hand into my body.  The Doctor and Ashlyn talked me through the entire procedure every step of the way letting me know what to expect.

I then needed an injection of medicine into my right eye, AGAIN I was so nervous about a needle going into my eye, but I knew Dr Elia would take care of me as he had done before.  That procedure not as bad just a pinch or sting when the needle went in, of course he had numbed it up and there was less down time and less pain than the laser treatments. I have had several injection treatments and my eyesight is getting better, Almost no floaters to speak of, almost no loss of vision in my right eye and left is okay anyway.

I love that the Medical Eye Center is a spotless, comfortable and comprehensive office to visit when you need help with your eyes and the professionalism in my mind rates the best I know for a Medical facility.

Doug G. (09/12/2023)

I was referred by my ophthalmologist to Dr. Elias at the Medical Eye Center for a problem with my vision. Dr. Elias is a caring and compassionate physician. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise. I completely trust him with my eye care. My experience with the office staff and technicians has also been positive. I highly recommend the Medical Eye Center. I love Dr. Elias. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Nancy B. (09/06/2023)

I have been a patient of the Medical Eye Center for many, many years [20 or more] and cannot say enough positive things about the practice!  In my tenure with them, I have seen all of the physicians at one time or another. I have received exceptional care from each and every one of them. I was diagnosed with glaucoma years ago and I honestly feel I would have no vision if not for MEC!  I have seen them during regular office hours and have had emergency treatment on several occasions. Emergency treatment has always been provided the same day. The office staff is very pleasant and the office itself is friendly, warm and inviting. Having been a “Frequent Flyer” for so many years, I know most of the doctors by first name and I am always greeted by them when I visit the office.  Regardless of who the primary doctor is in their office, the others are all capable and very willing to fill in when needed.

The office is always busy and sometime there can be a bit of a wait, but that wait is far outweighed by the quality of care received. I truly feel having my vision care provided by the Medical Eye Center has given me a great quality of life.

Bill B. (09/06/2023)
Diane H

At the time of our move to New Hampshire, Dr. Campbell, my glaucoma specialist, was retiring from the practice at Dartmouth Hitchcock. I did not need to ask for a referral. He said, “I think you will do well with Dr. Amy Hennessy at the Medical Eye Center in Manchester.” He continued, “I would have liked to have had Dr. Hennessy follow me here, but that did not work out.”  During these years, the cornea of the right eye had become diseased.  It became  necessary to remove the eye which did not respond to treatment.  There were three choices where that surgery could be done for adults, for whom it is very uncommon.   I chose Dr. David A Weinberg, a Concord reconstructive surgeon associated with the Medical Eye Center.  Again, the outcome, for what needed to be done, was completely successful.  I have required care for issues apart from glaucoma that have cropped up.  I am focused on keeping the limited vision I have.  I avow that the Medical Eye Center is as well.  Saving vision with the most up-to-date solutions seems a personal  mission for everyone in the practice.  The staff and physicians are patient and considerate.  My twin sister, Priscilla Sands, is also a glaucoma patient with the Medical Eye Center, treated by Dr. Hall and Dr. Hennessy.   Dr Elia has also been part of our care team.  Priscilla is an artist. I am a photographer.  We thank God for what has been done for us to keep us at what we love to do.  

Diana H. (09/06/2023)

Thank you Dr. Hall for giving me my eyesight back! I am so thankful for you. You are a wonderful doctor and did an amazing job on my eyes! You are a true blessing. I would highly recommend Dr. Hall to anyone for Cataracts or Glaucoma treatment!

Ann (08/03/2023)
5 stars 5
I have several ongoing issues with my eyes. Dr. Xu did a very thorough and also very gentle exam. It felt a lot more detailed than with my old ophthalmologist. She took the time to answer all of my questions and set my mind at ease. I am so happy with the care I received from Dr. Xu and her staff!
4 stars 4
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Xu. She was very knowledgeable and kind. I was getting the run around from another practice for my blurry and doubled vision. But she got it figured out for me and I'm super happy!

5 stars 5
I received such excellent care from Dr. Xu. She is an exceptional cataract surgeon. She was gentle with my eye. I felt very comfortable knowing she would give me the best care because of how well she explained everything. All my questions were answered which put my mind at ease. Im telling all my friends and family who need cataract surgery to have it done by Dr. Xu. Thank you Dr. Xu and The Medical Eye Center!
5 stars 5
I was so happy with the staff and Dr. Slentz with my eye lid surgery! It went better than I had expected. Dr. Slentz did a fantastic job and I have received multiple compliments on the difference in my appearance. But best of all the field of my vision has increased so much it is hard to believe how much I wasn't able to see in my prereferral vision. I highly recommend Dr Slentz and the staff at The Medical Eye Center and BASC in Bedford.

5 stars 5
Dr Allia, Dr Xu I can not say enough but, Thank You! The scheduling staff does a great job understanding your problems and urgency of getting seen for an appointment when needed.

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